Protocol Developer

Position Title:    Protocol Developer
Location:            Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Position Type:   Full-Time - Permanent
Language:          English

Clearance Level: must have ability to attain Top Secret (Canadian Citizen and have lived in Canada for 10 years)

Mandatory Experience Requirements

·        Minimum 10 years of direct hands-on software development of telecommunication applications

·        University degree or diploma from a recognized college (2 or 3 years), in an electrical engineering, telecommunications or computer related field

·        Minimum 8 years’ experience in software development dealing directly with TCP/IP protocol stacks

·        Minimum 2 years’ experience in software development using C#.

Desired Skills/Experience

·        Strong design, programming and troubleshooting skills in C# (design and coding)

·        Recent and complex development experience with Java

·        Excellent knowledge of TCP/IP based protocols/applications and standards (knowledge of packet structure, TCP stream setup, protocol message exchanges)

·        Experience with advanced analysis of PCAP and/or TCPDump data (an analysis and coding)

·        Strong knowledge and past use of HTML (including Java Script and XML)

·        Experience with object oriented design and programming (with 5+ projects)

·        Experience with software development and scripting in Windows environments and with scripting in a Windows environment

·        Experience with VMWare, Eclipse, Mercurial, and Visual Studio

·        Experience in reverse engineering

·        Experience providing engineering support (meetings users, discussing requirements, validating capabilities and problem reports)

Scope of Work

Resources will be integrated into a software development team and work with other software developers and testers. The resources will also interact with staff for support as required by their tasking. Resources are expected to undertake as a minimum, but not limited to, the following tasks;

·        Requirements collection and documentation

·        Software Specification

·        Architecture and Design specification

·        Technology review and analysis (review of commercially available tools)

·        Design of software and algorithms

·        Programming and debugging

·        Unit and feature testing

·        System Documentation, report writing and topic presentations

Description / Deliverables

The Contractor's resource will be expected to provide the following deliverables;

•         Analysis, design and summary reports;

•         Software modules and associated documentation;

•         Resolutions, fixes and modifications required to resolve client issues;

•         Project reviews, updates, and minutes as required;

•         Regular and ad hoc project review meetings with the Technical Authority, end users,

•         and management staff, as deemed necessary;

•         Briefings, field questions, reports or product demonstrations as required during the course of this contract.