DevOps Engineer

Position: DevOps Engineer
Location: Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Position Type: Contract 6 months
Language: English

Working in the Development Practices and Innovation CoE, the “DevOps Operations” team is the fuel that keeps the development and deployment or the continuous delivery pipeline moving. This team of multi-faceted engineers work to automate and manage all aspects of the software development life cycle as it moves through the deployment pipeline. Broad understanding of continuous integration and delivery drives these members to continuously seek new and innovative ways to streamline the process that enables effective delivery of products to the operations team. These dedicated souls manage the tools used to enable the delivery of Agile products and product lines whilst managing the day-to-day challenges of keeping the CI engine tuned to deliver. This team also plays an important role in providing support to the business solution delivery teams as well as the IT operations team


  • Collaborate with relevant IT teams to ensure smooth service transition of products and services into the operating environment, including operational document reviews and ensuring delivery teams adequately test product and services prior to operational handoff.
  • Manage Agile tools
  • Support build activities and CI/CD platform
  • Manage project/product on-boarding
  • Manage and Operate Source Code Repository Manage and Operate Code Quality Scanning
  • Manage and Operate Development Pipeline Manage environment Provisioning Requests
  • Manage Legacy and Deployment Activity Manage Configuration and Automation Backlog
  • Manage Infrastructure Requests
  • Enhance Automation and Streamline
  • Manage Risk Exposure (CVE and open source inventory scanning)


  • Experience working with continuous integration and delivery platforms
  • Experience building automated build chains and pipelines
  • Experience developing gating pipelines supporting code/artifact promotion through the SDLC
  • Experience integrating CI/CD platforms with 3rd party systems and cloud platforms Proficiency using scripting and development frameworks to drive automation
  • Experience integrating code quality scanning, coverage and compliance capabilities into CI/CD pipeline
  • Experience in transitioning traditional development models into DevOps principles
  • Experience in defining and implementing cross teams and standard methodologies and practices; user education and support, etc.
  • Ability to understand broad application and infrastructure architecture concepts and apply patterns to those that enable automation and development agility
  • Extensive experience working with open source frameworks and leveraging capabilities scaled by the community at large
  • Adaptive to change and ability to quickly learn and apply concepts to business priorities


  • Academic: undergraduate degree in engineering, computer science, collegiate diploma in computer science or equivalent experience (required)
  • Certifications: ITIL foundations (Asset), Agile (Required)


  • Experience working as a systems engineer supporting automated builds and continuous integration Proven technical leadership.
  • Proven experience understanding project and system requirements and functionality, to develop effective test strategies and approaches.
  • Proven experience managing large-scale projects delivering cross-functional components from software to middleware and infrastructure.
  • Deep understanding of code development constructs such as automated build, code merging and branching strategies, automated testing and reporting and process flow control.


  • Exceptional interpersonal skills, and proven to flourish working in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to work effectively in a cross-disciplinary team, across multiple projects and multiple locations
  • Sharp analytic and problem-solving capabilities that go beyond strict technical expertise
  • Broad IT knowledge and strong level of familiarity with a wide range of technologies and IT practices
  • Understanding of cloud-native technologies and containerization of services
  • Understanding of Platform as a Service paradigms and hybrid deployment topology management
  • Understanding of 12-Factor App methodology

If interested please contact Kevin Ireland at or 613-914-5994