QA API Tester

Title: QA API Tester

Type: Permanent

Location: Kanata

You will be testing complex, cutting-edge software that uses a wide variety of technologies, which offers you the opportunity to develop your technical and testing skills on the job. You will collaborate with other testers, developers, product owners, and managers to deliver an excellent product that meets and exceeds customer expectations. Your experience and training is less important than your mindset; our client is looking for individuals who actively seek opportunities to grow and develop.


  • Identifying defects and managing those defects through a bug tracking system
  • You will test APIs 
    • prove the happy path
    • prove forward and backward compatibility based on standard Semantic Versioning rules
    • execute reasonable negative tests
  • Everything will be automated 
    • your regression occurs every night while you sleep
    • use and contribute to our API test tooling
  • Advocate for strong APIs
    • versioning
    • conformity
    • resilience
  • Have a strong sense of community ownership with other API testers 
    • provide valuable code reviews and feedback
    • solicit input on your work
  • Your tests will cover all of the ilities 
    • got memory leaks?
    • how many requests per second and for how long?
  • Partnering with development teams to reproduce defect scenarios and identify root causes
  • Working with other members of the test team by: 
    • Participating in regression testing
    • Prioritizing areas for soak testing
    • Giving feedback on feature testing shortfalls
    • Providing peer review to other testers
  • You might also find yourself:
    • Creating and using internal tools and/or scripts to automate and optimize common tasks
    • Learning about and applying cutting-edge technology
    • Writing automated tests for web, desktop, and/or mobile applications
    • Participating in feature development and planning meetings as a representative from the test team

Knowledge & Experience

Personal Attributes

  • Is a fantastic written and oral communicator in English
  • Writes code, like writing code (preferably C#)
  • Is well-organized and looks for ways to provide value
  • Is passionate about software testing
  • Has a tremendous desire and capacity to learn and actively seeks opportunities for growth
  • Finds satisfaction in solving problems, not symptoms
  • Has a natural eye for consistency and detail but always keeps the big picture in mind
  • Looks for ways to automate and optimize common tasks
  • Loves when things go right but derives tremendous satisfaction from finding meaningful issues
  • Has a passion for technology and strong technical skills with Windows and Linux
  • Can independently troubleshoot and investigate issues that arise

Additional Assets

  • Professional experience in software quality assurance
  • Experience writing automated tests (not just record/playback), particularly using JavaScript
  • Experience with VMWare, Kubernetes, Helm
  • Experience with Jenkins
  • Knowledge of the telecommunications industry, particularly telephony and networking



  • University or College graduate


  • 3+ years of software quality assurance preferred but not required
  • Ability to obtain and maintain up to a top-secret security clearance

If interested, please contact Vanessa Martone at